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UT withdraws from participation in global competition Cybathlon2020

The Symbitron Plus team (exoskeleton) and the Reboocon-UT team (knee prosthesis ) have decided not to participate in the worldwide Cybathlon2020 competition on 13 and 14 November. 

The increasing corona infections in the Netherlands mean that stricter measures will be taken to prevent events from taking place. 

In the coming weeks, the teams will be happy to report on the past training period in the run-up to the Cybathlon2020 competition. They would also like to express their support to all the other teams that will participate in the Cybathlon and are still busy training for that. 

Despite the fact that the teams will not participate in the Cybathlon, they remain committed to improving technology in the healthcare sector. Further developments of the exoskeleton and the knee prosthesis are not standing still.

We will continue to monitor developments closely.

You never walk alone!

drs. J.G.M. van den Elshout (Janneke)
Press relations (available Mon-Fri)