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Gold medals for six UT programmes 'Best technical university in The Netherlands'

According to the ‘best study programmes 2020’, recently published by Dutch Elsevier opinion weekly, the University of Twente ends at the second place of all universities in The Netherlands and at the first place of the technical universities. No less than 18 medals, six of which gold ones, are awarded to the 47 UT study programmes that were compared in the survey.

‘Beste Studies’ evaluates student satisfaction for the study programmes in The Netherlands. Elsevier opinion weekly uses the statistics of the ‘Dutch Student Survey’ (NSE) for this, together with the methodology developed by ResearchNed. Students are invited to give their opinion about the facilities, teaching, the setup of the study programme, the teaching staff, examination and the organization and communication. The 2020 edition is based on the NSE of 2019 and the years before – in 2020, there was no survey. Student satisfaction of any programme is compared with similar programmes elsewhere in The Netherlands. For example, a BSc Mechanical Engineering at Twente will be compared with the Mechanical Engineering programmes at Delft and Eindhoven.

Both the BSc and the MSc Applied Physics - the BSc is Dutch-taught and is called 'Technische Natuurkunde' - have the highest scores of all UT programmes. Students specifically value the quality of the teaching staff.

Looking at the overall outcome, UT scores all went up, Elsevier shows. The teaching programmes with the best satisfaction scores, are awarded a medal if they maintain this score for three years (gold), two years (silver) or one year (bronze). UT scored no less than 18 medals, which is four more than last year. Six of them are gold.

Six gold medals

Gold medals go to the BSc programmes Chemical Science and EngineeringTechnische Natuurkunde (Applied Physics, Dutch-taught) and Communication Science. The latter is a newcomer on the stage. The MSc programmes Applied PhysicsPublic Administration and Technical Medicine are gold winners as well.


Silver medals go to the BSc programmes Applied MathematicsComputer Science, and Industrial Engineering & Management,  and to the MSc programmes Applied MathematicsChemical EngineeringEducational Science and TechnologyIndustrial Engineering & Management and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society.


The BSc programmes Biomedische Technologie (Biomedical Engineering, Dutch taught), International Business Administration and the MSc programmes Civil Engineering & ManagementCommunication Studies and Nanotechnologyare bronze medal winners.

Based on these results, Elsevier ranks the University of Twente ‘best technical university’. Wageningen University, the overall winner, is in the category ‘specialized universities’. Both Twente and Wageningen, however, are members of the 4TU.Federation, the Dutch federation of technical universities, so in that respect the ranking of technical universities would be Wageningen, Twente, Eindhoven, Delft.

ir. W.R. van der Veen (Wiebe)
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