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Did you know that as of 2021, we will use a new HR payroll system?

As of January 2021, the new HR & Payroll system AFAS will go live, which will mean a different way of working for you. Read this message to find out what will change for you.

New way of working

The new system has been designed on the basis of AFAS’ best practice, and is aimed to simplify HR registrations and processes, for example by using more self-service possibilities.

What will change?

With AFAS, we will start working in a different way. What are the changes?

  • You will use one system instead of different applications.
  • You will have more self-service options: for example, you will be able to perform your own pro forma calculations to see how changing your working hours will change your salary.
  • You will have access to your own personnel file.
  • Requests to change individual subjects of the Optional Model for Employment Conditions (KAT) can be submitted all year round.
  • You can easily do your administration by using the AFAS pocket app. 
  • You can initiate processes yourself, for example:
    • Registering sick leave yourself through AFAS InSite or by using the AFAS pocket app.
    • Requesting a change of working hours through the system
    • Submitting your resignation through the system


In November, online demos about the system will be organised. During these demos, we will show you how the system has been designed and how you will be working with it. Of course you will also have the opportunity to ask questions during these demos. You will receive a Teams Invitation for this.

Experiences of colleagues

A number of UT colleagues have contributed to the testing of the system. These are their experiences:

  • "I think it is cool to work with a system that has many possibilities and in which I can find my way around without having to read a manual,” Eveline Schulenberg (HR-ET).
  • "A new system from which we will all benefit a lot together, clear and user-friendly,” Lise-Lotte Westerhof-Smit (Secretariat-ITC).
  • "An all-in-one system in which the employee is more "in charge". Every new system takes some time to get used to, but I think this is a good step forward,” Marlies Oude Bos (HR S&T).
  • "I like the fact that almost all the HR information of an employee and guest will be available in one system. This works very efficiënt," Dagmar Keuken

More information

Go to utwente.nl/afas for more information. On this website, you will find frequently asked questions, a timeline and the people who are involved during the implementation process.