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Kadans Science Partner investment partner in Kennispark Twente development

Kadans Science Partner has been selected by the Enschede municipality and the University of Twente to, as a long-term investor, reach a collaboration agreement for the development of Kennispark.

The Enschede municipality, the University of Twente, and Kennispark are working closely together on the development of the Kennispark area. The aim is for the area to evolve into a top location as the home of University of Twente start-ups and high-tech companies, where investments are made in developing a lab infrastructure and an attractive living and working climate for talented individuals. Due to Kadans, work can now begin in earnest on turning the plans on paper into reality, starting with the building of extra lab space for med-tech start-ups.

The presence of the University of Twente and the focus on high-tech companies on one of the most important innovation campuses in the Netherlands mean there is plenty of scope for new developments – be it in the field of photonics, personal healthcare, or smart materials. Kennispark is home to a creative community that is committed to turning science into business. The Enschede municipailty, the University of Twente and Kennispark are seeking to create a dynamic environment that facilitates the connection between talent and business and where research institutes, start-ups and the high-tech sector provide an innovative ecosystem where science really is transformed into business. For this to succeed, a genuine campus feeling is needed, with more shared facilities and places to meet, rather than ‘compartmentalized’ solutions.

Kadans - dedicated to knowledge-intensive sector

Kadans Science Partner is a long-term investor fully dedicated to the knowledge-intensive sector and consequently has a great deal of knowledge of the required infrastructure in a high-tech environment. Kadans is already involved with various university campuses and science parks, including the Utrecht Science Park, Wageningen Campus, the TU/e campus in Eindhoven, and the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. By providing specific premises for businesses and research institutes operating on the interface of science and business, Kadans is seeking to contribute to the valorization of high-quality knowledge in the Netherlands. It does so on the basis of its conviction that this is one of the drivers behind the future economic growth of the country.

In the next few months, work will take place on the drawing up of a collaborative partnership agreement on the development of buildings and the division of tasks between Kadans, the Enschede municipality, the University of Twente, and Kennispark. One of the important developments for which market demand exists is lab-intensive infrastructure in the area, aimed in particular at the development of medical technology start-ups with a need for biologically classified labs.

drs. B.G. Lankhaar (Bertyl)
Spokesperson Executive Board