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Veni grant for Monika Kuffer and Derya Demirtas

UT researchers Monika Kuffer (ITC) and Derya Demirtas (BMS) both will receive a ‘Veni’ grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO). This will enable them to work on their research ideas for a period of three years. Monika will develop ways of making an inventory of poor neighbourhoods in developing countries. Derya Demirtas would like to develop a better strategy for the placement of defibrillators (AED).

Overall, NWO received 1151 proposals of which 166 are now granted a Veni, together worth 41,5 million euros. A veni, of 250,000 euro, is meant for young researchers, having obtained their PhD recently. It is an incentive for working out their creative research ideas. The grants programme also has the Vidi, for researchers further in their career, and Vici, for very experienced and excellent scientists.

Accounting for the unaccounted 

A machine-learning based framework for estimating the population of invisible spaces in support of the SDG Slum Indicator

Dr. Monika Kuffer, UT, ITC Faculty, Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management

In global south cities, population statistics about poor neighbourhoods are often unavailable or ignore large proportions of poor inhabitants. However, such statistics are urgently needed to support slum improvement, disaster response and health interventions. This research utilizes satellite images, machine-learning and local data to estimate the amount of poor inhabitants.

The fine line between life and death

Strategic location of public-access defibrillators

Dr Derya Demirtas, BMS Faculty - Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems

Strategic deployment of resources in advance for emergency preparedness is a challenging problem due to inherent uncertainties. A novel approach is proposed, leveraging mathematical optimization and data analytics methods. It is applied to Dutch cardiac arrest and defibrillator data to reduce response time and increase survival in an emergency.

More information on the grant and on all other laureates in the NWO press release.

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