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Satellite data reception system established at Ethiopian universities

In order to assist agricultural transformation, one of the major components of EENSAT is the research component. To facilitate the research activity, strengthening the establishment of low-cost satellite reception systems are planned. These systems are now operational at the three local partner universities (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: C-band satellite reception system at Mekelle University
Figure 1: C-band satellite reception system at Mekelle University

The systems receive data through EUMETCast, a free environmental data dissemination system using  satellite telecommunication infrastructure. In near-real time data at 15 min to daily, dekadal, and monthly interval covering the whole of Africa and Europe are received. The data can be utilized by the PhD students for their research, also to assist the training of staff, and assist the Distance Education program. In order to assist the processing and storage of these huge datasets, EENSAT has procured high-tech servers and so called Network Attached Storage (NAS). Details of these equipment is presented in the previous Newsletter. Data processing and analysis has started at some of the local universities (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Wind vector map processed from data obtained using the satellite reception system at Mekelle University