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Energy efficiency is one  of the three pillars of the global initiative Sustainable Energy for All. Improving energy efficiency is also part of the strategy in Sustainable Development Goal 7. However, the 2017 report by the Global Tracking Framework monitoring progress towards meeting the targets of Sustainable Energy for All states that we still need to make more headway in improving energy efficiency if we are to reach the target set for 2030.

There has been some achievement with large scale  industries. However, these only represent a small percentage of the total of energy using enterprises. There is still a lot that can be achieved with small and medium scale enterprises. In this webinar we hear from three different perspectives how this can be done.

Rana Ghoneim (Industrial Development Officer UNIDO): Results and impacts of UNIDO’s Energy Management Programme

Xianli Zhu (Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency): Scaling up Energy Efficiency for SMEs - Opportunities, Barriers, and Policy Solutions

Joy Clancy (Director EMSI, University of Twente): Don’t forget the informal sector

Chair: John Christensen (Director UNEP DTU Partnership):

The Webinar has been held on Monday 16th April 2018 at 14:00 CET. The Webinar is live streamed. So there is no need to pre-register. The video is online now.  You can reach it via:

The three organisations presenting in this seminar are partners run a short training course on Energy Management in Small and Medium Scale Industries (EMSI) which focuses on preparing for ISO 50001 (Energy Management). The course is partly on-line and partly residential in which participants conduct an energy audit in a real situation. You can find out more information about this course at: