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First edition of 'enlightening conversation starters' DesignLab

“Artificial intelligence is the electricity of the modern world”, “AI is programmed for a specific purpose, nothing more”, “AI is bringing progress…”, but “How do you influence the decisions of AI creators?” Key points raised last Thursday (6 Dec) during the very first edition of the LightBulb Chats by DesignLab.

Thoughts and concerns about AI were shared in an intimate, inspiring and informative round-table discussion with Associate Professor Ringo Ossewaarde, Assistant Professor Khiet Truong, students, UT staff members, artists, and fellow citizens of Enschede. 

Photos by Enrico Bertolotti are up on our Facebook page now. 

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The LightBulb Chats are set to continue in 2019. Topics on the agenda include:

  • Design-a-Baby: Playing God?
  • Road to Success: Degree Required?
  • Digital Democracy: When the Ballot Fails

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Lightbulb what?!

DesignLab’s LightBulb Chats are enlightening conversation starters: open invitations to publicly debate controversial elements shaping our future today. They focus on intriguing topics that play a significant role in our everyday lives, and are likely to influence the world of tomorrow. Think: will artificial intelligence put humans in the backseat? Do you need a degree to be successful? And now we can ‘design’ babies, does that mean we should play God?

The Lightbulb Chats aim to build bridges between students, academia, civil servants, business(wo)men, artists, and other curious civilians.