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Suzanne Hulscher and Bram Nauta new members of KNAW

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) chose UT Professors Suzanne Hulscher and Bram Nauta as new members, for their outstanding scientific achievements.

The membership of ‘The Academy’ is a lifetime membership. KNAW currently has about 550 members, 26 new members were chosen on May 10th.

Suzanne Hulscher (1966) is a Professor of Water Management at the University of Twente. Her research is on water behavior and the interaction with soil properties. Human intervention, like sand extraction, influences this to a large extent. It has an effect on the sand waves and thus on the water behavior. Thanks to the work of Hulscher’s group, we know more about flooding risks as well as best choices for situating pipelines of wind parks at sea. Hulscher, who also was a member of ‘De Jonge Akademie’, received the Simon Stevin Mastership in 2016, the highest Dutch award for applied scientific research.

Bram Nauta (1964) is a Professor of Integrated Circuit Design. He is a renowned expert in chip design for mobile communication. His group develops transmitters, receivers and filters for the next generation smartphones. The new circuits have to perform better while consuming far less energy at the same time. The ‘Nauta transconductor’ named after him, found its way in millions of mobile devices. Of all electrical engineering groups in The Netherlands, Nauta’s group scored highest on all criteria. In 2014, Bram Nauta received the Simon Stevin Mastership. In the same year, University of Twente appointed him ‘university professor’ (distinguished professor).

Current UT KNAW members are: Detlef Lohse, Albert van den Berg, Carl Figdor, Andrea Prosperetti and Rector Magnificus Thom Palstra. Emeriti members are David Reinhoudt, Jacques Thomassen, Piet Bergveld, Wim van Swaaij, Andries Hoogerwerf, Piet Zandbergen and Leen van Wijngaarden.

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