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Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman visits University of Twente

Jamie Hyneman, one of the creators of the popular TV show MythBusters, received an honorary doctorate from the University of Twente in 2011.

He now honors schoolchildren, students, alumni and public with his presence during his visit in the Netherlands at the University of Twente from 10-13 March. Hyneman rose to fame as one of the co-creators of the Discovery Channel programme MythBusters, which is all about conducting experiments to prove or disprove popular myths. Mythbuster Hyneman is the owner of M5 Industries, a company specialized in creating special effects for feature films and commercials. M5 was responsible for most of the special effects in the film Top Gun for example. Hyneman also developed unique objects, such as a special 7Up machine and an exclusive shoe for Nike.

Students and schoolchildren will challenge the MythBuster

On Friday 10 March, Jamie plans to visit University College Twente (ATLAS) where students have prepared a challenging programme for him. After lunch, the honorary doctor will be put in the hot seat and pre-university education (VWO) students, university students and academic researchers from the University of Twente will ask questions in a special College Tour setting. Schools, members of staff and students can enroll for this event by clicking using this link. Hyneman is a true creator. Therefore the day concludes with a visit to DesignLab, the university’s platform and makerspace for multidisciplinary collaboration and creativity, that focuses on education and research in ‘design’.

Mini Open House and College Tour for the general public

On Saturday 11 March at 11:00, Jamie Hyneman will give a College Tour lecture that is open to the general public as well as UT alumni and their children at the De Waaier building. This will be followed by a Mini Open House at the DesignLab at 13:00. This event includes an interactive programme with demonstrations and experiments using the latest scientific technologies. The mini Open House is for people of all ages who are interested in taking a look behind the scenes at the University of Twente. 700 tickets are available for the Mini Open House and the lecture. You can sign up on the University of Twente website.

About Jamie Hyneman

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage shot roughly 248 episodes of the popular TV show MythBusters together. Over 1,000 myths turned out to be true or were busted. With spectacular experiments they investigated tall tales that sometimes surprised them by being true. It turns out elephants really are scared of mice and you can really test positive for drugs after eating poppy seed bread. Thanks to their humorous approach to myth busting, they managed to captivate millions of people around the world and interest them in science, technology and conducting experiments. Hyneman taught at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and is an honorary lifetime member of the California Science Teachers Association. He has held jobs as a diver, captain and concrete inspector, and now gives lectures at universities around the world in addition to his duties as the owner of M5 Industries, a company specialized in creating special and visual effects for films.