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Detlef Lohse Member National Academy of Engineering

Detlef Lohse, Professor of Physics of Fluids at the University of Twente, has been elected Member of the National Academy of Engineering in the USA.

The NAE Membership is exceptional honour, for his ‘distinguished contributions’ in the field of fundamental processes in fluids, like turbulence, sonoluminescence, droplets and surface nano bubbles. Members of the NAE are selected because of their pioneering work and outstanding contributions.

The National Academy of Engineering, founded in 1964, is part of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. In the new selection round of February 2017, NAE selected 84 new US members and 22 foreign members. New members cannot apply themselves, they are recommended by their peers. NAE, with over 2000 members, now has seven Dutch members including electronics expert Professor Simon Middelhoek. People like Bill Gates, Lee Iacocca, Vinton Cerf and George Whitesides are NAE Members as well.

Detlef Lohse (1963) is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy Arts and Sciences (KNAW), and of the German Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften Leopoldina. Hij received the Batchelor Prize, the Dutch Spinoza Prize and is a Simon Stevin Master. Apart from that, he is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS). The University of Twente appointed him distinguished ‘University Professor’ as of 2005.

The newly selected NAE Members will be installed during a NAE meeting in October of this year.

ir. W.R. van der Veen (Wiebe)
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