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Joost Lötters awarded with PIHC 2017 voucher

On 21 November, the ‘Pioneers in Health Care’ (PIHC) Innovation Fund awarded 11 vouchers, each worth EUR 50,000 or EUR 75,000. The vouchers are awarded to boost initiatives that aim to encourage collaboration between organizations in the region in the field of healthcare and medical technology. The winning initiatives focus on improving patient care through the use of new technology. This is the fourth time that vouchers have been awarded by the fund made up of the University of Twente (UT), the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital in Enschede (MST), Twente Hospital Group (ZGT), Deventer Hospital, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and healthcare insurance company Menzis.

Joost Lötters received a voucher of EUR 75,000 for his project "Measurement of Medicine Mixtures in IV Systems".  During simultaneous drug delivery to neonates via IV-systems undesired and harmful dosing errors can occur, by a combination of low flow levels and relatively high medicine concentrations. In this project the application of a multi-parameter chip is investigated for locally determining the composition of the IV fluid just before it is introduced into the patient. The chip measures the composition by analysis of the physical parameters of the IV fluid. By comparing these properties with the expected values based on the setpoint of the pumps, drug administration can be carried out with higher confidence, yielding a better clinical result.

An interview with Joost Lötters on this project will be broadcast by TV Oost in the programme Overijssel Vandaag on Sunday 26 November 17:00 – 17:20.