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UT spinoff Solmates secures key order for its PLD equipment

Solmates, high tech spinoff of the University of Twente, has received an important and high profile order for its Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) equipment from world–leading nanoelectronics research center imec in Leuven.

Solmates’ advanced PLD equipment is fundamental in helping to accelerate the entry of new processes into commercial products. It plays a key role in the development of future chipdesigns and the integration of new materials for next generation transistors.

Solmates will become a member of imec’s Industrial Affiliation Program (IIAP) 'Beyond CMOS' . This program focuses on the integration and benchmarking of novel device concepts beyond traditional transistor scaling. These include piezoelectrics for alternative computing devices and 2D materials such as graphene and MoS2 for ultimate scaling.


Solmates’ PLD platform is the next disruptive deposition technology following the adoptionof atomic layer deposition (ALD) for thin film manufacturing. The technology uses a laser tocreate a plasma of the material to be deposited, enabling industrial quality deposition ofnew generation materials. An automated tool offers high yield, customized deposition of various ‘More than Moore’ materials on a wide variety of different substrates. The technology is already in use at various customer sites and several processes are qualified for (Piezo) MEMS, LED and PowerIC applications. Solmates owns key patents related to PLD technology and processes.

About Solmates

Solmates is a fast growing and ambitious company, located at Kennispark Twente, in Enschede, the Netherlands. Its employees are highly recognized specialists in PLD of which many have a semiconductor industry background. As a spin-off of the MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology, Solmates has brought pulsed laser deposition from lab scale to production level.

For more information, visit Solmates’ website at www.solmates.nl.

More on imec: www.imec.be

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