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Data team conference in Sweden

Kommunförbundet Skåne organized a data team (analysgrupper in Swedish) conference in Malmo on September 26.

At this conference 12 data teams, who started working with the data team® procedure a year ago, gathered and shared their knowledge.

Furthermore, several municipalities and schools who were interested in data teams attended the conference. Margareta Serder opened the conference. Next, Kim Schildkamp presented the research results of a comparative study into Dutch and Swedish data teams (click here for the presentation). After this presentation, there were several sessions organized by the data teams on their work in a data team, and where to next. An interesting difference between the Dutch and Swedish data teams is that Dutch data teams mainly focus on problems in the cognitive domain (e.g., low student achievement), whereas Swedish data teams also focus on problems in the social domain, such as safety and wellbeing.

For more information on the Swedish data teams, also see: http://kfsk.se/larandeocharbetsliv/barn-och-utbildning/fou-skola/analysgrupper-lasaret-2015-2016/