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Opening The Gallery

His Majesty the King of the Netherlands will perform the opening ceremony of innovation center the Gallery on Wednesday the 2nd of April at Kennispark Twente in Enschede. The building offers office space and facilities to knowledge intensive companies, open innovation centers and their serviceproviders. After the opening several innovative entrepreneurs and researchers will present their case to the King. King Willem-Alexander will also be the first to visit an interactive exhibit that shows how scientific research can lead to commercially viable innovations.

The Gallery used to be the building for Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente and is now managed by one of the owners: BTC Twente. The redevelopment is done in three phases. The first phase will be opened on the 2nd of April and comprises 13,000 square meters. The total building will entail 45,000 square meters for companies. The Gallery is located centrally the innovation campus Kennispark Twente, where about 400 companies work on innovation.