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Excellent assessment research programs pedagogics and educational sciences

This year, an assessment was made of the research programs in pedagogics and educational sciences in the Netherlands. The faculty of Behavioural sciences of the University of Twente submitted the program Educational Design and Evaluation, with the subthemes Inquiry learning in powerful learning environments (prof. Ton de Jong), Educational design and effectiveness (prof. Peter Sleegers) and Computerized testing of knowledge and skills (prof. Cees Glas). The program obtained excellent marks, that is, 4,5 for quality, productively and relevance, and a 4 for vitality. As a result, the program gained a place in the top of Dutch educational research.

The committee concluded that, at the programme level, Educational Design and Evaluation is a programme with generally very high quality, productivity and societal relevance, and with several elements of international excellence, particularly in its first subtheme. However, the development of an integrated programme in terms of research goals, outcomes, policy and culture, and further development of the recently established local PhD programme and the installation of a high-quality and attractive research master seem to be the major challenges for the future. Twente’s approach can berecognised as an original and promising way in which to organise research, so as to respond to the real-life questions which seldom can be answered through traditional, monodisciplinary approaches”.

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