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Global Comedy Night in cooperation with Comedytunes


Hilarious, razor sharp, creepy, inventive, sometimes strange, but always funny. Comedy Night is a casual evening with a host of comedic talents.

On a Comedy Night you see the best comedians of the Netherlands and MC Adam Fields who talks the evening together. A real Londoner who has been living in Amsterdam for a while. He observes the Dutch and shares his amazement with the audience through his inimitable British sense of humor. He holds up a mirror to people. Because even though Adam has lived here for a while, he has remained a true Englishman.

Stop by! Comedians' wacky stories will automatically make you produce endorphins and happiness hormones. After a night of Comedy, you'll find yourself standing outside again feeling refreshed and energized. Treat yourself to that full tank of endorphins and that fresh and energetic feeling.

Global Comedy Night i.c.w. Comedytunes, because there is never enough to laugh at!

As soon as the lineup is known, we will share it on the website and our socials.


Students with UnionCard€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50
Others€ 12,50
Global Comedy Night in cooperation with Comedytunes