The University of Twente has set up "mailing lists" for employees and students. These are e-mail discussion lists to which you can subscribe. All subscribers can join in the discussions by sending an e-mail to the list. This e-mail is then sent to all subscribers. LISA manages these mailing lists using the List Server.

The UT's List Server provides a list of all existing mailing lists. An archive is also maintained for many mailing lists. For some lists, this archive is public, however for other mailing lists it is only available to subscribers. These archives can also be found on the List Server.


You can request a mailing list using the web form.


This service is fully free of charge. A larger storage space is possible for an additional cost. You can find more information about the costs on the Self Service Portal.


To be able to use the mailing lists, you have to have:

  • a registered personal LISTSERV password;
  • an UT ICT account;
  • a working connection to the Internet.

After submitting the web form, you will be able to use the mailing lists within 2 days.


For support, use the Self Service portal . Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact theĀ Service Desk ICT.

Servicedesk ICT
Library, ICT Services and Archive

Access only through the Citadel side entrance at the O&O square.