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Study in the Library - general information

The University Library contains all scientific collections in which education and research on the UT is done.

Studying in the Vrijhof Library
  • 521 study places; 297 of these places situated in project areas
  • 20 desktop PCs and 14 stand-alone monitors
  • 44 project areas, including individual study spaces
  • All project areas aimed at group work have whiteboards, 32 are equipped with LCD screens
  • Reservation of project areas through Resource Booker
  • Request publications by logging in to your university login
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the building
  • All required study literature for every study is available in the library (reference only)
  • 1 mobile charge point voor mobile phones and tablets, to be used for free  Bags and coats are allowed in the library, as are bottles of water, but normal (open) cups are prohibited.
  • It is not allowed to make phone calls inside the library as they cause disturbances to others.
  • For help and information: InfoUB

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30-22.00 (exam period until 0.00), Saturday-Sunday 9.00-20.00 (exam period until 22.00)

More study spaces available outside of the library on the 3rd floor of the Vrijhof; open until midnight.

Find your way via Mazemap

Computer Classroom
  • 5 study spaces with desktop pc
  • Free to use when not in use for instruction
  • Request for group use (employees only) through InfoUB
Printing / copying / scanning
  • 2 Follow-Me printers
  • A3, A4, resizing
  • Black & white and colour prints
  • 2-sided printing possible

Print jobs are sent from the PC room; registering is necessary.

For computer problems contact the LISA hotline at the library information desk or by calling 053-4895577.

Report printer/copier problems at the lending desk.

Service Desk Library
Library, ICT Services and Archive

WhatsApp chat during opening hours via +31 639458713