UT Workstation

Support versions: standard, basic and customized


LISA offers three versions of support for the UT workstation:

  • the Standard UT Workstation installation;
  • the Basic UT Workstation installation;
  • the Customized UT Workstation installation.

The Standard UT Workstation

With the Standard UT workstation, LISA takes away all of the worries in respect of the workstation. The service includes:

the installation of the workstation in accordance with the standard configurations;

  • 1st line support by the Service desk ICT (by telephone, by e-mail or at the reception desk in the Citadel);
  • 2nd line support by an on-site workstation manager, in the event that the 1st line support by the Service Desk cannot provide a solution within 10 minutes;
  • The standardised software tailored to organisation, department and function;

To ensure efficient management, you have no administration rights. You will be able to make small adaptations to your workstation, such as:

  • installing software that is automatically made available for your unit, group or function. A percentage of the software is installed beforehand. You only have to contact the Service desk ICT when software has to be installed that has been purchased based on a licence for a single machine;
  • the addition of UT network printers;
  • the addition of general peripheral equipment such as printers, scanners, USB sticks and photographic equipment and the installation of network configurations, as no specific operating software is required for that.

The Basic UT Workstation;

The Basic UT Workstation is intended for the researcher and the specialist when, because of the requirements resulting from research, education or administration, numerous changes are required to the workstation and when the end user has the knowledge on how to make these changes.

The workstation is based on the Standard UT Workstation. You have administrator rights and can make all sorts of changes to the configuration. You have to leave intact the settings for security, antivirus, Active Directory and Desktop Management Client.

The service includes:

  • the installation of the workstation in accordance with the standard configurations;
  • Primary support through the Service desk ICT is limited to 10 minutes, the same as the Standard UT Workstation;
  • No 2nd line support (this can be taken as bespoke support);
  • the standardised software tailored to organisation, department and function.

If a problem with a Basic UT Workstation cannot be resolved within 10 minutes by the Service Desk, there are two options:

  1. The workstation will, in principle, be installed in accordance with the standard configuration.
  2. If you do not want the standard configuration, the requested 2nd line support will still be supplied in a customer-focussed manner, but the time required will be registered by the LISA and invoiced for separately.

The Customized UT Workstation

Little support can be offered by the Service Desk for bespoke workstations. The support is mainly supplied by 2nd line and possibly 3rd line supporters. LISA and the administration unit that has the bespoke workstation will always enter into a separate contract for bespoke work each year.

In any case, the following workstations are considered to be Bespoke workstations:

  • workstations in faculty PC rooms;
  • workstations that that have not been purchased in line with a standard UT procurement process;
  • workstations that on account of safety requirements are not connected to the UT network in a standard manner;
  • workstations that, on account of educational or research requirements or because of the software to be used cannot be managed in an automated manner (In any case, Active Directory, Desktop management client and Antivirus client are required);
  • workstations that are not able to use the standard supporting operating systems;
  • workstations that do not fulfil the minimum hardware requirements of the standard supporting operating system.

Advice: you can prevent your workstation from becoming a Bespoke workstation for this reason. Ensure that your hardware is replaced in good time.