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Support versions: UT managed workstation and customized


LISA offers two versions of support for the UT workstation:

  • the UT Managed Workstation (Windows 10);
  • the Customized UT Workstation installation.

The UT managed workstation

With the introduction of the new UT Managed workstation, a few things have changed compared to the previous 'standard' or 'basic' workstation, which used Windows 7. First, the operating system has changed: this is now Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the new standard of the UT-managed workstation. Because the user is administrator on the computer it is possible to install software. LISA provides several services like the installation of Windows 10 and some of the logon services, as well as the security of the workstation.  


On UT-managed workstation a small set of software is default installed. Office 365, Teamviewer and Micorsoft Software Center are default installed. The printer Follow-Me is also default installed. With Micorsoft Software Center applications software can be installed that is under license of the UT. If an application is not listed, please, contact the Service Desk ICT.
It is possible to install freeware software applications like Java or Acrobat Reader. Download these applications via the website of the supplier.

Microsoft Software Center 

Since the arrival of Windows 10, the Micorsoft Software Center has been used, this is an application on the computer. This arranges matters for Windows updates, application installations and complete Windows installations. If Microsoft releases updates, these will be made available via Micorsoft Software Center. The second Tuesday of the month they are made available and can be installed them yourself. Note: after a week they will be installed mandatory and a restart will. The Micorsoft Software Center provides multiple notifications in the notification center about updates.

Data storage

There are different types of storage available. Data can be stored on the M- or P-drive, this is storage is on campus (managed by UT). Also cloud services are available such as OneDrive for Business, Surfdrive, Dropbox, etc. Please, take care how and where you store your data. Not all of these solutions are suitable for confidential data. For more information, contact the Service Desk ICT.


LISA is responsible for the security of the UT-managed workstations. Defender and Bitlocker are examples of applications meant to secure the computer. Defender is the anti-virus and anti-malware software. Bitlocker is the encryption of the system drive of the computer to prevent a data leak in case of computer loss. More information: Cyber-Safety.


  • To keep your workstation in a good condition it is advised to restart your workstation regularly. The advise is to restart it at leased once a week.
  • To activate Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus (cloud version) logon with your employee number (example: and password.
  • On the taskbar there is an icon 'Mail', that application cannot be used for the e-mail at the UT. Always use Microsoft Outlook.
  • The redirection of My Document to the M-drive is no longer in use. Documents can be saved directly on the M-drive.
  • Type in the start-menu 'Default app settings' and it is possible to change the default web browser or the program PDF-files are opened with.
  • Always keep the Bitlocker key close, save a copy on the M-drive or in an e-mail.
  • Change your password (ICT account) via
  • For more ICT manuals, please visit the LISA website. More information about installing of a variety of software can be found on

The Customized UT Workstation

Little support can be offered by the Service Desk for bespoke workstations. The support is mainly supplied by 2nd line and possibly 3rd line supporters. LISA and the administration unit that has the bespoke workstation will always enter into a separate contract for bespoke work each year.

In any case, the following workstations are considered to be Bespoke workstations:

  • workstations in faculty PC rooms;
  • workstations that that have not been purchased in line with a standard UT procurement process;
  • workstations that on account of safety requirements are not connected to the UT network in a standard manner;
  • workstations that, on account of educational or research requirements or because of the software to be used cannot be managed in an automated manner (In any case, Active Directory, Desktop management client and Antivirus client are required);
  • workstations that are not able to use the standard supporting operating systems;
  • workstations that do not fulfil the minimum hardware requirements of the standard supporting operating system.

Advice: you can prevent your workstation from becoming a Bespoke workstation for this reason. Ensure that your hardware is replaced in good time.