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FAQ Microsoft Office 365 for employees

Where do I find Office 365?

NOTE: Office 365 is only available if you are employed by the UT.

Go to

A login screen appears, fill out your

You will be transferred to a login screen of the University of Twente

Fill out your password that belongs to your M-number

After you are logged in, you can use the different applications of Microsoft Office 365 Office 365 ProPlus can be downloaded locally by pressing the button on the right and follow the steps.

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How can I setup the e-mail with Office 365?

Click here for the manual.

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Applications in the Office 365 environment

A list of van applications which can be used in the Office 365 environment:

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is the online storage service of Microsoft. It can be compared to services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Microsoft gives 1TB storage space per user for OneDrive for Business.
In comparison with OneDrive (for private use), OneDrive for Business is not scanned by Microsoft for commercial purposes.

Keep in mind when you store data in OneDrive, that this is a Cloud service of an American company, so the Patriot act is applicable.

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Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus contains the desktop version of Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio (limited number of licenses available)  and Outlook in one package. With Office 365 ProPlus you can use the newest versions of the Office applications. Office 365 ProPlus can be installed on 5 devices, both on Mac and Windows. Besides that, the Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps can be used on 5 different mobile devices. You can access your data from all your devices, regardless if you are on- or offline.


Office Online

This is the online web browser based version of Microsoft Office. It contains the lite versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the new chat service of Microsoft that is integrated with Office 365. This service enables more efficient collaborations in teams.


Microsoft Planner

With Planner your team can easily make new plans, organize and allocate tasks, share files, chat about work and receive updates about the team progress.


Stream for Office 365

A video service for the business market to share video’s internally. It can be compared to the possibilities and flexibility of YouTube for example, but with the security level that a business user may expect with a document management system.



Sway is a new app of Microsoft Office which you can use to make and share interactive reports, personal stories, presentations and more.


Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms can be used for making questionnaires, tests and surveys and quickly see the incoming results. When making a test or a form, others can be invited to fill this out through a web browser, even on mobile devices. As soon as the answers are given, you can use the build-in analysis for evaluating the answers. Form data, like test results, can be easily exported to Excel for extra analysis or rating.



Power BI converts data from your organization to rich analyses and clear visual reports. Give decision makers on any level insights in relevant info, anytime, anyplace and via any device. Sending on future goals will become more easy this way.



Yammer is a closed social network for organizations and is based on open communication. For example, you can solve support issues, collect project and document feedback, and send out recommended procedures. Yammer groups are a place where members can start a project faster, engage in discussion lines and customers and involve suppliers in conversations


Office 365 offers more applications, but these are not provided via the cloud. The reason for this is that the UT provides alternative solutions for these applications. Also, it is possible that Microsoft provides new services.

Applications not provided via Office 365:

Skype for Business Online

Microsoft Exchange online

Project (to be found in Zen Works)

SharePoint. Instead, use

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What do I have to keep in mind with data storage in OneDrive for Business?

As said, an important service of Microsoft 365 is OneDrive for Business. OneDrive can be used for storage of data in the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft provides 1TB storage per user in OneDrive for Business.

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What are the (dis)advantages of the use of OneDrive?


You can reach your data from any place, any time, from every device with all kind of operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), as long as you have an internet-connection.

Data can easily be shared with others. You decide who can approach your data.

High reliability and availability.

No costs until 1Tb storage.

Data on which you are working are copied to your local computer (cached), so you still can work on your documents when you are offline. As soon as you reconnect to the internet, the newest versions will be synchronized.


Your data is stored in the Cloud of an American company and your data can be searched by the American government under the Patriot Act.

1TB is the maximum storage capacity, without exceptions.

Dependence of Microsoft

To reach actual data on OneDrive you need to have a network connection.

When you are no longer an employee, your right to use this version of Office ends. Collaboration documents which you created will not be approached by others, unless you take care of a good transfer. 

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What are the consequences of storing my data in OneDrive?

The data you save in OneDrive is in the cloud. That means the data are in an environment that is not physically on the UT. However, that does not mean that the data storage is not safe. For many data this is not a problem and the cloud can be used as storage.

But data saved in an American cloud like Microsoft OneDrive can be examined by the American government in the context of the Patriot Act, to prevent terrorism.

The official UT guidelines about privacy and security can be found here.

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What kind of data can I put in the cloud, or not?

LISA ICT advises to decide for yourself which data are suitable for storing in the cloud. For personal information we advise you to store these data ‘within the UT’.

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What are the other options for data storage?


When you want to store data in the cloud but don’t want to use a non-European cloud, SURFdrive can be used.

SURF is a Dutch institution that services a cloud with a datacenter in the Netherlands. The Patriot Act is not applicable on this cloud. For more info or use of SURFdrive, go to


Local data storage

When you think your data are not suitable for cloud storage, it is possible to store data within the UT domain, on premise. Several options are possible:

For personal data/ small amount of data, use the M, P or U partition. See!/product/p883341/data-storage-for-employees

For large amounts of data, other solutions are possible:!/product/p883362/storage-for-employees

Besides this standard solutions it is also possible to get a customized solution. For more information please contact a LISA account manager or the LISA ICT Servicedesk at 5577 or

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How do I see the difference between the UT OneDrive and my private OneDrive?

In OneDrive, click on the Cloud icon. If you are logged in via your m-number, you will see ‘University of Twente’. You can also see the way you are logged in by clicking the gear-icon with the right mouse-button.

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