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Additional customised data storage options for employees

LISA can provide (large) volumes of disk storage capacity (other than the M:, the P: and the U: drive) in three different ways.

In all three cases, use is made of centralized storage facilities, which are accessible through UTnet.

  • Description

    1. Storage, Normal Quality

    Suitable for the storage of data that does not require extremely high I/O capacity (as an indication and in comparison: maximum 2,000 IOPS, 250 MB/s throughput).

    Examples: data supplied in batches, measuring results, (intermediate) outcomes of operations and calculations, data that are subject to few changes, recordings of lectures, photo, video and audio collections.

    The facility will be set up using standard hard disks in a RAID configuration. Access to the storage is possible using a single Windows or Linux server and also through an SMB/NFS Mount Point. Users can access the storage in the same way as they access the M: or P: disk, but also as a share.

    Data can be stored in different ways. Either as single or as replicated data. A backup can be made of singly stored data. Please see the description of this service for this. (!/product/p883320/backups-for-employees) (Combination of duplication and back-up is not possible)

    2. Storage, High Quality

    Suitable for data storage where high demands are placed on the I/O capacity (as an indication and in comparison: max. 25,000 IOPS, 750 MB/s throughput).

    Examples: data that are produced in real-time and must be stored, databases, websites. The operating system and other data used by virtual machines. The Exchange database.

    The facility will be set up using a mix of a solid-state disk, fast hard disks and standard hard disks. A RAID configuration will be used. Users will be able to access the storage facility through a high-availability VM Windows or Linux server. Users can access the storage facility in the same way as they access the M or P disk, but they can also access it like a share.

    In this case users access the storage facility through a VM Windows server, the 'restore previous versions' functionality for files deleted or changed within the last 30 days will be available to them. This applies only to the Windows UT workplace. It does not apply to BYOD devices. The workplace must be included in AD.

    Data are replicated and stored by default. With backup. For description of this service, see:!/product/p883320/backups-for-employees.

    3. Storage, on NAS: Network Attached Storage

    Developed in response to the demand for storage volumes, especially for research data. Magnitude ranging from 5 TB to 100 TB of net capacity.

    Examples: storing satellite data, maps, large amounts of measurement data. The access to the data must be available for a relatively small group (other than the Exchange database via Outlook, other than the personal data on the M: disk).

    It always involves tailor-made solutions. That means that the characteristics listed below are always entered in consultation.

    A typical solution is characterized by:

    • Hosting of the configurations in the UT ICT rooms (Seinhuis, Tee-huis)
    • Technical management performed by LISA
    • Double storage of data
    • Device configuration in accordance with RAID 6
    • Services based on a multi-year agreement

    Further options: access via UTnet, AD connection possible, possibly used as FTP server, possibility of web server functionality.

    The costs (per GB per year) are to a great extent dependent upon the chosen solution. As an indication, a configuration of 32 TB net, single implementation, costs about 0.08 euro per GB per year.

  • Application

    Through the LISA account manager for the faculty or department.

  • Costs

    Information about the costs for Normal Quality and High Quality can be found via the Self Service Portal.

  • Conditions

    To use this service you need a UT ICT account.

  • Delivery and Delivery Time

    Normal Quality and High Quality

    Minimum subscription

    25 GB

    Extension by

    25 GB

    Minimum subscription period

    1 month

    Extension of subscription period

    1 month

    Delivery time for volume V


    V < 500 GB

    next business day

    500 GB < V < 1 TB

    next business day +1

    1TB < V < 5 TB

    next business day +3

    V > 5 TB

    after consulting account manager

    Storage on NAS: tailor-made solutions. Individual agreements for delivery and delivery time and other conditions.

  • Charges

    Charges are imposed 1x per year

  • Support

    If you have any further questions or wish to report any malfunctions, please contact the Service desk ICT.

  • Additional information

    It is generally recommended to only use single storage of data if they are used as 'scratch' data: in the unlikely event of loss through a hardware failure, such data can be easily restored, with the necessary recovery time being less important.

    In addition, the application for which the data is used determines which specific requirements are important. On the basis of this it can be determined what type of storage is the most appropriate. If you would like to be informed about this, please contact the LISA account manager.

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