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UT Flex, a virtual 'employment agency'

UT flex is the digital employment agency of the University of Twente for staff and students of the University of Twente.


This is where supply and demand meet: a staff member offers a flex job, a student is looking for a job and is matched to this job, and the hours worked by the student are charged, approved and paid. All these administrative acts are performed in one web application: 

UT flex 2.0 is a new application that meets the demand for further simplification and digitization of the administrative settlements of UT flex jobs. The volunteer scheme (vrijwilligersregeling, VWR) is also integrated in this application.

If you still have jobs to do via UT flex 1.0 the corresponding guidelines remain valid.
Over the course of the next few months, all jobs will be transferred to UT flex 2.0. 
Do you have questions? Send an e-mail to