In the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities, the formal working hours for full-time employment have been set at 38 hours a week. However, at the UT the standard working week is 40 hours: 5 days of 8 hours. Because of this you will work 2 extra hours every week. You will be compensated for these extra hours with 96 extra leave hours per year.

As part of the flexible work hours, you can choose between 38 or 36 work hours per week for full-time employment as well.

Part-time employment

The formal working hours for part-time employment are less than 38 hours a week. At the UT, part-time employment is always contracted for whole hours. Flexible work hours are not applicable: if you are working part-time, your actual working hours equal your formal working hours.

Adjustment of working hours

After you have been employed by the UT for at least a year, you can request an adjustment (decrease or increase) of your formal working hours. This request must meet the requirements set in Section 2 of the Dutch Working Hours (Adjustment) Act. Your faculty or unit will honour the request, unless considerable business or service interests demonstrably stand in the way of this.

Working hours and special types of leave

If you are temporarily working less because of parental leave, life-course leave or a Senior Staff Scheme, this will not affect your formal working hours. Because you are not actually working 40 hours a week during the period of leave, the flexible work hours are generally not applicable.