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Pension accrual on annual income over € 107.593 euro

The tax rules for pension accrual changed on 1 January 2015. The accrual of the old-age and survivors' pension is therefore maximized on a full-time annual income of

€ 107.593 (reference date: 1 January 2019, pro rata with part time). On income above this amount, you no longer accrue compulsory old-age or survivor's pension in the ABP pension scheme.

Net pension products

If you have an ABP annual income of more than € 107.593, you can (partly) offset the austerity on your pension accrual with an additional net pension product for the salary above € 107.593. The ABP annual income can be found on your payslip (top right).

As a UT employee, you have a choice between two net pension products:

For both pension products, payroll administration deduct the premium from the net salary. The value that you have saved up in the net pension product is exempt from wealth tax return (box 3).

For the sake of clarity: taking out a net pension product is not an obligation. You can also choose not to top up the pension you have built up in the ABP pension scheme. This of course affects the height of the pension that is paid upon retirement or death.

Avoid medical examination

When you register for net pension products, you may have to undergo a medical examination. However, by registering within 3 months of becoming eligible for the pension scheme for the first time, you can avoid the need for such an examination.