As a member of staff of the University of Twente you are obliged to accrue a pension with the ABP (Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds) pension fund. This is the pension fund for the government and education sectors.

The ABP pension plan comprises three group pensions: ABP KeuzePensioen (old age pension), ABP Nabestaandenpensioen (surviving dependants' pension) and ABP Arbeidsongeschiktheidspensioen (occupational disability pension).

You can find more information about ABP and the ABP pension plan on

In the ABP pension plan the compulsory accrual of the old-age and survivors' pension is maximized on a full-time annual income of € 101,519 (pro rata with part time). On a voluntary basis you can take out a net pension product for income above this maximum.

Each year, ABP sends you a statement of the pension that you have accrued with them. In addition, ABP has an online 'personal environment': via MijnABP (only Dutch) you have direct digital access to your own pension details. You can make calculations and simulate pension options. You can log on to MijnABP with your DigiD.

On you can see how much statutory old age pension and supplementary pension you have accrued and with which Dutch pension providers (pension funds and pension insurers). You can access this data with your DigiD.

Do you need personal advice about your pension situation? Make an appointment with
ABP Klantsupport for the consultation that ABP pension specialists organize at the University of Twente.