Anw compensation abandoned: what are the options?

The social partners on the Pension Board have made agreements in order to reduce the complexity of the ABP regulations. As part of that process, the Anw compensation will be abandoned with effect from 01 May 2018. This means that if you die after 30 April 2018, your partner will no longer qualify for Anw compensation. Currently, the compensation amounts to a maximum of €540 net per month. If you are younger than 40, the term of the compensation depends on your age and is maximized to 12 months. If you are 40 or older, your partner will still receive Anw compensation until his or her state pension age.

Supplement survivors’ pension

The fact that the Anw compensation is abandoned may have a major negative impact on your income in the event of death. This impact on your income is, in part, compensated by the higher accrual for the ABP partner’s pension with effect from 01 January 2018. If you also accrued a pension with ABP before 1996, it is possible your surviving dependants are entitled to a limited supplement to the survivors’ pension pursuant to the so-called Appendix K of the ABP regulations. The table below gives you an indication of the maximum extent of that supplement:
Supplement survivors’ pension                                Extent of supplement
15 years of service before 1996                                €4,000 gross per year
10 years of service before 1996                                €2,800 gross per year
5 years of service before 1996                                  €1,400 gross per year

There is no need for your partner to apply for this supplement from ABP, as it is paid out automatically after death, provided the conditions are met. This supplement stops when the surviving dependant reaches state pension age.

In individual cases, the survivors’ benefit may be more favourable after 2018. In general, however, it is safe to say that abandoning the Anw compensation will mainly affect the group of employees aged 40 and older. In a worst-case scenario, the partner’s pension will be €6,480 net lower per year.

Is there anything I have to do?

First, you should look at the financial situation of your partner in the event of your death. Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit MijnABP to find out the extent of the amount in Anw compensation if you qualify for it (log in with your DigiD, go to Full Pension Statement and then Survivors’ Pension). If you don’t have a DigiD, you can also find the extent of the Anw compensation on your uniform pension statement.
  • Determine if taking out supplementary insurance is desirable in your situation. You can ask a financial consultant for advice, if you want. 

Group insurance for university staff

The universities received requests from members of staff about a collective solution in replacement of the Anw compensation scheme. For that reason, every university has concluded an agreement with insurer elipsLife at favourable terms and conditions. Please note: this insurance is not the same as the Anw compensation, rather, it offers the surviving partner an additional income when you die.

 Who can take out the insurance?

All members of staff of the University of Twente can take out insurance with elipsLife. Members of staff (employed before 01 May 2018) who want to apply for this insurance have to apply to elipsLife before 05 May 2018. Members of staff who were employed after 01 May 2018 can apply without medical guarantees within one month of joining the university. Members of staff who enter into a partner relationship on or after 01 May 2018 can also apply without medical guarantees within one month of entering into the partner relationship (marriage, cohabitation contract or residing at the same address for at least six months).

Carenz period

The insurance is subject to a so-called carenz period, which means that if you die within one year, the surviving dependant is not entitled to any payment if your death is the result of an ailment, illness, complaint or disorder that existed on the insurance inception date. If that is the case, you have to contact ABP as soon as possible in order to qualify for the APB exception arrangement.

APB exception arrangement

An exception is made for ABP members who are incurably ill before 01 May 2018 and who, as a result of that, cannot be insured after 01 May 2018. There are also certain exceptional situations for ABP members who cannot be insured before 01 May 2018 for other reasons and who do not qualify for the employer’s group insurance. In that case, your partner will remain entitled to Anw compensation in accordance with the old terms and conditions. If that is the case, you have to contact ABP on 045- 579 62 65 as soon as possible, also when you are not sure about the situation.

The term of the exception arrangement is limited to 01 May 2023. This means your partner is entitled to Anw compensation only when you die before 01 May 2023. For more information, please visit the website of ABP.

No medical guarantees

No medical questions are asked when the Anw insurance incepts. You take out Anw insurance on an individual basis and you pay the premium directly to the insurer. The university is not an agent. If you apply after 05 May 2018, medical details will be requested, which can result in cover being rejected. This also applies to new members of staff who apply more than one month after they join the university or to members of staff who apply more than one month after entering into a partner relationship.

Sums insured

Upon inception of the insurance, you can choose between the following annual sums insured:
- €5,000
- €7,500
- €10,000
These are net amounts and they are paid out in 12 monthly instalments. You can opt for a payment that remains the same after inception or for a payment that cumulatively rises by 2% per year.


The monthly premiums for 2018 are shown on the last pages of the brochure. Each year, the premium is adjusted in accordance with your age as at 01 January of that calendar year.

Waiver of premium in the case of invalidity

The waiver of premium in the case of invalidity is included in the insurance. It is subject to a 5% premium increase. If you are ill on 01 May 2018, additional terms and conditions apply. More information can be found in the extensive brochure.

Termination of employment

If your employment with the university ends, you have to notify elipsLife within four weeks. If you want, you can ask for a quote to continue the existing insurance on an individual basis.

Application and more information

You can apply for this insurance on this page. Extensive information about this insurance can be found in the brochure of elipsLife.
Do you have a question about this insurance then first check if this is mentioned in the FAQ.