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Insurances for employees

The UT has taken out the following group insurances for all its staff members:

Healthcare insurance
When taking out healthcare insurance with Menzis, UT staff members will receive a discount of 5% on the premium of the basic insurances. The discount on the premiums of the additional and dental insurances is 12%. Partners and children under the age of 18 (or under 27 in the case of school-going children) of UT staff members can also make use of this arrangement.

Private non-life insurance
Agreements have been made with ABN AMRO, Centraal Beheer and Interpolis to effect lower premiums for various non-life insurances, including home and contents insurance, car insurance, third party liability insurance, multi-trip travel insurance and caravan insurance.

Invalidity insurance (IPAP)
UT staff members are insured against loss of income due to partial occupational disability with Loyalis. This insurance partially covers the financial consequences of partial incapacity for work. The premium for this is paid entirely for you from Employment Funds. This has been achieved in collaboration with the OPUT (trade unions).
Each staff member can, on an individual basis, extend the insurance to provide coverage in case of full incapacity for work. The premium payable for such extended coverage is heavily discounted and will be withheld from the staff members' gross wages. On balance, the premium payable for extended coverage will amount to less than 0.2% of the net monthly wages. If you apply for the extension within 6 months after the start of your employment with the UT, Loyalis will accept the application without you having to meet its medical conditions.

Surviving dependants’ insurance (elipsLife)
On 01 May 2018, the Anw compensation will be removed from the ABP pension scheme. This means that if you die after 30 April 2018, your partner no longer qualifies for Anw compensation. If your partner is not entitled to an Anw benefit either, it may work out in his or her disadvantage. The University of Twente has concluded an agreement with elipsLife. You can voluntarily apply for this insurance, if so desired. The insurance offers the surviving partner an additional income when you die. If you apply for the insurance within one month of joining the university or within one month of entering into a partner relationship, you will be accepted without medical conditions.

Group travel insurance (FIN)
If you will be taking an international business trip, make sure to apply for the UT's collective travel insurance in a timely manner. To do so, use the web application 'Registration of foreign travel and travel insurance'. You can find this web application under 'My UT applications'.

Third party liability insurance (FIN)
Third party liability insurance covers all damage and harm caused by UT staff members, students, trainees, temp workers, guest lecturers, etc. to themselves or others when performing any work on the instructions of the UT. If you have any questions on the coverage and conditions of this insurance, contact Finance (FIN).

Emergency assistance accident insurance
The UT has taken out insurance for all staff members forming part of the university's emergency assistance teams. If you are an emergency assistance team member, this insurance covers all accidents occurring while you perform your emergency assistance work.