The Executive Board on 1 January 2009 established an advisory committee (Section 7:13 of the General Administrative Law Act). The University of Twente HR objections committee advises the Executive Board on the decision it should make on an objection.

The University of Twente HR objections committee is composed of:

  • a chairperson and deputy chairperson, both external appointments (and therefore not engaged by the Executive Board), namely drs. Y.J. Bouwman-Bakker and J. Wesseling-Lubberink, LL.M.;
  • two members nominated by the University of Twente, namely H.A. Akse, MSc (Faculty of Science and Technology), dr. ir. J.F.C. Verberne (formerly Faculty of Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • two members nominated by the University of Twente HR Consultative Body (OPUT), namely W.C.J. Beekman, LL.M., and L.J.M. Ketting, LL.M.

Any objection lodged will be processed by an objection committee comprised of a chairperson, one UT member and one OPUT member. For the actual composition of any committee, the department the staff member lodging the objection is employed at will, wherever necessary, be taken into account. Any objections committee member who is a direct colleague of the staff member concerned or is in any other way familiar with this staff member may not be included in the composition of the committee concerned, so as to avoid any appearance of bias.

The objections committee is supported in its substantive and administrative tasks by its secretary, C.G.M. (Ineke) Jenniskens, PhD. For more information on the objection procedure, please contact her by email ( or via telephone extension 5462. Ms Jenniskens is generally available at the UT on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

The objection committee annually renders account of its work to the Executive Board in a report.

All annual reports drawn up since 2010 are available in the Dutch language to all interested parties.