The period for lodging an objection is six weeks. This period commences on the day following the day on which the decision was made public. Should a decision have consequences for your legal status, the University of Twente by rule will mail it to your home address by regular or registered letter. This means that the objection period commences on the date following the date of dispatch. The date stated in the letterhead is deemed to be the date of dispatch.

Objection periods may never end on Saturdays, Sundays or recognized public holidays. Should the final date fall on any of these days, the period is extended to run up to and including the next regular working day.

Letters of objection are to have been received before the objection period lapses. In case an objection be dispatched by letter, submission is deemed to have been in time if the letter was posted no later than on the last day of the period, provided it has been received by the Executive Board no more than a week following the end date of the period. The person lodging the objection is to be able to prove it was dispatched in time. The date of postmark constitutes such proof.

The above conditions are covered by Sections 6:7, 6:8 and 6:9 of the General Administrative Law Act.