The Executive Board, the staff member lodging an objection and the objections committee are to comply with the regulations on objections procedures set by the General Administrative Law Act. The most recent version of this Act (in Dutch!) can be retrieved by visiting the website of the Dutch government and searching for 'algemene wet bestuursrecht'.

Chapters 6 (General conditions for objections and appeals) and 7 (Special conditions for objections and administrative appeals) of the General Administrative Law Act are of particular relevance to the objections procedure. Furthermore, Chapter 3 (General conditions for decisions) lists the various conditions decisions should meet, such as careful preparation (Section 3:2 of the Act), consideration of interests (Section 3:4) and sound reasons (Section 3:46).

The University of Twente's HR objections committee's procedures are governed by these relevant stipulations from the General Administrative Law Act and by the University of Twente's HR objections committee Regulations (Dutch). These Regulations further detail the various aspects of the objections procedure.