You are to lodge your objection in writing with the Executive Board. Please address your letter of objection to the Executive Board and send it to :

Authorized representative of the Executive Board
Service department HR
Building Spiegel level 5
P.O. box 217
7500 AE Enschede

Or mail to

The Executive Board will confirm receipt of your objection letter and forward it to the objections committee for consideration and advice.

A letter of objection is to meet certain basic requirements. These requirements, listed in Section 6:5 of the General Administrative Law Act, are the following:

  • name and address of the party lodging the objection;
  • signature of the party lodging the objection;
  • date;
  • description of the decision against which the objection is lodged;
  • the grounds for the objection.

Should you have failed to meet these formal requirements and have, for example, failed to state your grounds for the objection, you will be granted the opportunity to rectify the omission within a set period. This cure period allows you to lodge an objection in time (within six weeks) even if you cannot at that point substantiate your objection. This is referred to as lodging a pro forma objection. The objections committee will generally grant you two weeks to rectify the omission.

It is possible that staff members have insufficient command of the Dutch language and, for this reason, lodge their objections in a different language (usually in English). The objections committee will in each individual case determine whether it deems the submission of a letter of objection in the Dutch language to be necessary for the proper consideration of the objection. Should this be the case, the objections committee will ask the staff member concerned to submit a translation.