Appeal procedure

Formal requirements

An appeal is to meet certain basic requirements (also refer to Section 6:5 of the General Administrative Law Act). These requirements concern:

  • name and address of the party bringing the appeal;
  • signature of the party bringing the appeal;
  • date;
  • description of the decision against which the appeal is brought;
  • the grounds for the appeal.

If possible, a copy of the contested decision is to be enclosed with the appeal. This concerns the decision taken by the Executive Board on your formal objection.

Should you have failed to meet these formal requirements, you will be granted the opportunity to rectify the omission within a set period. This cure period allows you to bring an appeal in time (within six weeks) even if you cannot at that point substantiate your appeal. This is referred to as bringing a pro forma appeal. The court will allow you to as yet submit this substantiation of your appeal within a certain term, usually of two to four weeks.