Complaints procedure

Dutch language

The complaints procedure is based on Dutch laws and regulations. The right to complain and the complaint procedure are regulated in chapter 9 of the General Administrative Law Act. Often, the Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities, several regulations and/or codes of conduct will be applicable in a complaints procedure. Most of these legal documents have been translated into English, as a service to non-Dutch speaking students and employees. However, in case of a difference of interpretation, these translations cannot be used for legal purposes. In those cases, the Dutch text of the regulations is binding. For that reason, the working language of the complaints procedure is Dutch.

Documents drawn up in a foreign language are to be translated into Dutch by the party submitting them should the complaints committee deem this to be relevant to the proper assessment of the complaint. The complaints committee generally requests that this translation is to be received within a term of two weeks.

The hearing will also be held in Dutch. Any party with insufficient mastery of Dutch is to arrange for an interpreter at their own expense.

The complaints committee's advice and the associated report of the hearing will also be drawn up in Dutch.