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Is the big bad wolf a fairy tale? Science Cafe Enschede

Alarming reports about the wolf in the Netherlands: as a killer of sheep and a threat to children. The increasing growth of wolf packs in our densely populated little country also leads to positive reports, for instance about our natural environment proving favourable to this species. After 150 years of absence, wolves are back, especially in the Veluwe. Jorieke Adolfsen MA of the wolf working group Overijssel talks about this animal and the (international) research. Farmer Martin Immink, LTO Noord's East Region Administrator, articulates the critical voices of many a farmer. Should the protected status of wolves be lifted? Will high fences and special dogs help? Will the wolf live happily ever after in the Netherlands?

Moderator: Hiska Bakker MA (Studium Generale)

This Science Café is in Dutch.