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AUTOLOG Brainstorm Autonomous Transport and Logistics on Twente Campus - first brainstorm meeting

Wednesday 6 December afternoon representatives of our our Transport Community will meet in overa Brainstorm, accompanied by Beers & Bites.

Please find below the scope of the initiative. The program will be simple : after a short introducation by Gerrits, Berry (UT-BMS) and Eikenbroek, Oskar (UT-ET) the floor is (y)ours and it will be a brainstorm on which project we could effectuate in 2024, including all elements and expertises (human factors, safety, legal, policy, interaction, etc etc). We'll have a brainstorm either plenary or perhaps it is clear from the start that we might form different subgroups. All options will be open and we'll play it by ear. We count on active participation!

Autonomous Transport and Logistics on Twente Campus (AUTOLOG)

Fundamental changes in city logistics are inevitable to ensure a future with vibrant and sustainable urban areas. Connected and autonomous forms of transport such as drones and sidewalk robots offer a whole range of opportunities for a new logistics realm able to keep up with the changing demands of society, yet introduce new challenges as well. Beyond technological innovations, a system perspective and hands-on research based on real-life implementations are required to remove the barriers that hamper a transition towards sustainable logistics. Within AUTOLOG, we aim to co-create with the Transport@UT community and local businesses, policy makers, students, and end-users the transition towards autonomous transport through real-world experiments on campus, taking a holistic view combining logistical, geographical, user-centred, business, policy, legal and infrastructural perspectives. We invite you to contribute to this project by joining the brainstorming session on December 6.



This event was a succesfull gathering of a large group of interested researchers coming from different backgrounds and a few company stakeholders. More to follow soon!