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Keep on hoping?

Can you still hope in these times of war and other misery? And what is hope anyway? For Christians, hope is related to the realisation that there is a God. But what if you don't believe in a god? How do you thrive then? And is that easier or much harder? Veritas-Forum features a believer and a non-believer debating with each other and the audience. Dr Gert-Jan Segers was chairman of the ChristenUnie parliamentary party. Dr Marijke Schotanus-Dijkstra is a scientist at Psychology, Health and Technology (BMS, UT); she researches how to flourish in life. In collaboration with Veritas-Forum Twente and Well-Being Weeks UT. This program is in Dutch, click here.

ROOM: Vrijhof-Amphi


A. Heukels (Anneke)
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