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Robert Oppenheimer - father of the atomic bomb

Robert Oppenheimer was the brilliant scientist and organiser behind the ultra-secret Manhattan Project through which the US developed the first atomic bomb. Oppenheimer was a complex personality, who had a broad cultural interest in religion, philosophy and literature in addition to his contributions to physics. Dr Frans Kingma (physicist and literator) and Dr Machiel Kleemans (physicist and historian) talk about the versatility of this legendary physicist. This year they published a book about Oppenheimer: Splinters van de zon. You can buy the book and have it signed by Frans and Machiel. Talkshow host: Ir. Peter Timmerman (Studium Generale). The film Oppenheimer (director Christopher Nolan) runs on Sunday 5 November (19:15) and on Thursday 9 November (15:00) at Concordia Cinema. For tickets: www.concordia.nl/film. In collaboration with: Arago, Ockham and Concordia Cinema. This program is in Dutch, please find more information on our Dutch site.


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