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GEMH Game Gallery 2022 A free games-for-wellbeing festival!

The GEMH Game Gallery is a free, one-day festival event about games and wellbeing. Games are often thought of as entertainment-only, but over the recent years developers, designers, artists, healthcare professionals, and scientists have realised that games can be used to improve psychological, social, and emotional wellbeing.

At the GEMH Game Gallery, we will aim to share as much of current knowledge about games-for-wellbeing as we can, featuring a demo square where visitors can come and experience the bright side of games for themselves. The games featured on our demo square will address many meaningful aspects of our wellbeing, ranging from regulating anxiety, expressing emotions, relaxing, and engaging in social reflection.

In addition to the many VR, biofeedback, mobile and PC games that will be available on the square, GEMH Game Gallery also offers a series of engaging talks about the positive potential of games for wellbeing (three talks in Dutch, one in English). The science behind using games for wellbeing will be introduced by Dr Hanneke Scholten, while game designer Niki Smit will talk about the importance of play regardless of age. Wholesome Games community organizer Esmeé van’t Hoff will talk about the history of wholesome and heartwarming games, while Dr Ruud Jacobs will discuss how games can be used in persuasive ways.

Make the most of the GEMH Game Gallery by making your own visitor game pass in our photobooth, going on a sneaky scavenger hunt, or collecting all the demo stamps for a fun goodie bag reward! Reserve your free tickets via www.gemhgamegallery.com

For more information, visit the GEMH Lab website.