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Q&A on the war in Ukraine

In this session we will interview Dr. Shawn Donnelly (Assistant Professor for Technology, Resilience & Europe, BMS/UT) about the current situation in Ukraine. How effective are the economical and financial sanctions against Russia? Should the EU strive for an own army? How do we reduce our dependence on Russian gas? And of course many more questions! Shawn Donnelly specialises in comparative and international political economy, covering public (economic) governance in Europe and globally, with expertise in financial stability, crisis response and resilience. He will be interviewed by Jelle Posthuma (U-Today) and Peter Timmerman (Studium Generale). 

Vrijhof/Amphitheater. Admission free, no registration required.

This program is powered by U-Today and Studium Generale. In cooperation with Sirius, Enschede voor Vrede and Novel-T Smart.

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