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Week of Inspiration: The internet is broken, but we can fix it --> ONLINE


According to Marleen Stikker we are continuously being ‘nudged, trolled and gamified’ when we browse the internet. Stikker is one of the founders of De Digitale Stad, a virtual public space based on democratic principles. Nowadays tech giants dominate the web and earn a lot of money with our metadata. How can the internet be fixed again and become a truly democratic, public infrastructure? Are the tech giants the main culprits or should we also take a critical look at our own lazy and careless surfing behavior? Marleen Stikker is director of Waag Technology & Society in Amsterdam and published the book Het internet is stukMaar we kunnen het repareren (2019). Moderator: prof. dr. ir. Peter-Paul Verbeek (Philosophy of Technology, UT).


A. Heukels (Anneke)
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