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Health Robotics Pre-session: WEARABLE SOLUTIONS

Health Robotics

Pre-session: Wearable solutions

Robotics is an advancing field with many opportunities in supportive, care and surgical applications. This session is dedicated to the state-of-the-art in supportive and wearable solutions, with a case example of the UT's Cybathlon contribution, A discussion on improved sensor integration to optimize performance and how to get from innovation to market-ready product with case examples from HOCOMA.  

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Oct 6, 2020, start 16.00


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Welcome & introduction speakers  Stefano Stramigioli (session chair)

Collaborative innovation in Rehabilitation Robotics

Jan Veneman, Technical project leader HOCOMA AG

Supportive robots and the international Cybathlon competition

A demonstration 

Dr. ir. Edwin van Asseldonk, University of Twente

Sensor integration with soft robotics

A case example in healthcare application Gijs Krijnen, University of Twente




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