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Studium Generale: Nuclear fusion: pushing the boundary


Nuclear fusion: pushing the boundary

The experimental nuclear fusion reactor ITER will enable the study of fusion plasmas. But first a number of challenges has to be faced: plasmas are intrinsically unstable, and the heat and particle fluxes to the reactor wall are incinerating. Marco de Baar will explain nuclear fusion and how plasma performance and stability can be improved. He will also discuss new solutions for the plasma-wall interaction. And last but not least: what will the role of nuclear fusion be in the energy transition?

Prof.dr. Marco de Baar is leader of the nuclear fusion program in NWO institute DIFFER and full professor at the Mechanical Engineering department (TUe).

Tuesday 15 May, 19.30-21.00 hours / Vrijhof/Amphitheater

In cooperation with Arago

Foto: NASA Goddard Photo and Video