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Ist der Bruch gelb? Sarah Grothus & Mirjam Veldhuis

Exhibition in collaboration with gallery haus 34A Bad Bentheim

An exhibition with duality as a leading motive. Both artists show that aspect.

Sarah Grothus shows the light and dark side of human nature, in all its aspects: heaven and earth, sometimes with the suspicion of a story, sometimes nothing of that. We experience our fragility, the beautiful, but also the darker sides of life. We also experience matter; sand and mud are almost palpable, though they are not represented literally.

Mirjam Veldhuis has a different kind of duality: its ceramic objects have almost candy lush colors, chic colors as well, but in their form they are very different: amorphous, a physicality that is at the origin of life, as a kind of fungi and tumors. This makes her work very exciting. Together, the work is about life, a kind of primal tumor to everything one can encounter in life.

The exhibition will be opened on Thursday 5 November at 16:00 by Ellen Timmerman from Gallery haus 34A.

Ist der Bruch gelb?
Oder die Hand blau?
Sind Soldaten grün?
Oder im allgemeinen grau?

Lag der Fisch im Blauen?
Oder schaut er aus dem Haus?
Sang die Fliege rosig?
Oder schwebt sie weiß hinauf?