Entrepreneurial Day

The University of Twente invites you for its Entrepreneurial Day on Tuesday 13 June. The theme of this day is ‘Disrupt or be disrupted’. These are thrilling times for those who dare to take the driver's seat in innovation. You can be at the centre of all this. We kindly invite you to an exciting day full of disruption and ideas. Please register here.

Being the most entrepreneurial university, University of Twente constantly find new ways to facilitate and stimulate young talent. The Entrepreneurial Day will, undoubtedly, showcase some brilliant examples of student entrepreneurship, especially in the first edition of the UT Challenge. 'Disrupt or be disrupted' is also the motto of our keynote speaker Jose van Dijk, Vice President, Cisco Systems, Sillicon Valley. She will give us first-hand insights in the latest developments.  

Looking forward to welcome you on Tuesday 13 June. Inspire us and be inspired.

Click here for more information about the Entrepreneurial Day.