Studium Generale: Stem Cell Technology

Scientists succeeded in ‘resetting’ ordinary cells (from your skin for instance) into stem cells. These induced stem cells have the same characteristics as embryonal stem cells, but come without the ethical dilemmas. When given the right treatment these cells can develop into any kind of cell. The possibilities seem to be endless: they can be used to study diseases, to create new tissues or to test medicine outside the body with own cells.

Prof.dr. Christine Mummery is professor of Developmental Biology and Chair of the Department of Anatomy and Embryology (Leiden UMC). She also holds the chair Vascular Microfluidics Technology at the Applied Stem Cell Technologies-group (UT). She was the first scientist in the Netherlands to introduce human pluripotent stem cells.  

Tuesday 10 October, 19.30-21.00 hours/ 


 Foto: UCI UC Irvine

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