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Network event: Open Innovations in Micro- and Nanotechnology Impact of state-of-the-art infrastructure for Research and Commercialization

State-of-the-art infrastructure forms a fundamental base for innovation in micro- and nanotechnology research. Recently, we have made huge steps in reinforcing our high quality facilities at the campus of the University of Twente. Investing in open-access infrastructure to the brightest minds in research and commercialization is crucial for our competitive position and contributes to the innovation goals of the Dutch topsectors HTSM and Chemical Industry.

We do have a lot to celebrate: anniversary of the Nanolab, the recent financial contribution from the Toekomstfonds of the ministry of Economic Affairs, and being awarded the iLab label for the High Tech Factory.

 On behalf of MESA+ and High Tech Factory, we would like to invite you for the festive celebration on 14 September 2016. With an exciting line-up, we hope to inspire you with research and company demonstrators, novel scientific insights and facilitate a fruitful discussion on collaboration opportunities.

Program Wednesday 14 SEPTEMBER 2016

Location: Design Lab (building The Gallery, campus University of Twente)

14:00 Market of Research and Company demonstrations

14:30 Welcome by Janneke Hoedemaekers, Managing Director MESA+ and High Tech Factory

Opening by Mirjam Bult, Executive Board University of Twente

14:50 MESA+ NanoLab for research and education by Jeroen Cornelissen, Scientific Director MESA+

15:10 Public Private Partnerships in Chemical Research, Maarten Honing, DSM

business examples:

15.25 Medspray, Han van Egmond, CEO

15.40 Micronit, Ronnie van ‘t Oever, CEO

15:55 Opening ceremony iLab High Tech Factory, by Gerard van Harten,  Chairman topsector Chemistry 

16:10 CHAMPAGNE toast 

16:30 Drinks & Bites + Market of Research and Company demonstrations

There will be plenty of time to talk to people from local and regional authorities, national governments, potential business partners and the researcher community.

Market of Research and Company Demonstrators

At the market you will find demonstrators of companies connected to High Tech Factory and MESA+ institute for Nanotechnology.



The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs confirmed a financial contribution to the activities of NanoLabNL, as part of the so-called Toekomstfonds (Future Fund). The Dutch national facility for nanotechnological research will use the acquired resources to stimulate the development of proof-of-concepts, demonstrators and small scale production.  



The NanoLab and Cleanroom form the heart of cutting-edge research in micro- and nanotechnology. Their anniversaries, 5 YEARS NANOLAB & 25 YEARS CLEANROOM, are a moment for everyone involved - researchers, external users, students and staff - to reflect on this and to gain extra attention for nanotechnology in Twente. At this event we would like to raise a glass with you and show the endless opportunities created with these research facilities.  



High Tech Factory iLab is part of the national iLab network. iLabs are hotspots for new business that have been approved and certified by the Topsector Chemie. They are interconnected and form the iLAB.COCi network, through which knowledge best practices are exchanged.

Wednesday 14 September 2016 14:00 - 17:30
Network event: Open Innovations in Micro- and Nanotechnology Impact of state-of-the-art infrastructure for Research and Commercialization