Professional Doctorate in Engineering

A PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) programme is a 2 year post-master design programme focussing on the direct needs of industry.

All PDEng programmes are tailor-made in close cooperation with an industry partner. You will learn to design high level, creative and innovative designs for complex issues, within a multidisciplinary team.

The University of Twente offers a diversity of Post-Master PDEng programmes:

What can I expect from a PDEng programme?

By combining an educational part at the University (~60 EC) and a practical design part at an organization (~60 EC), the programme offers academic research in a professional context.

  • The courses in the educational part help you to further your professional development by providing the necessary (non)technological background to evaluate the effects of a technology in the industrial context.
  • During the practical part of the programme you will spend time working in industry on a challenging and innovative technological design project – a real problem that needs to be solved. You will be supervised by both engineers from industry as well as by university staff. This ensures support in the areas of scientific knowledge, practical design experience and project management expertise.

PDEng is open for a wide range of technically educated Master graduates, even if you're not graduated in one of the aforementioned specific fields. What matters is a perfect match between the specific design project and your MSc programme, your affinity with technological designs and your intrinsic motivation.


You can download our brochure "Let's talk about your career" to see what you can do at the University of Twente after your MSc graduation.