Doing your PhD at UT

Doing a PhD will probably be the most influential time in your personal development to prepare you for your future career

In the Netherlands, only research universities like the University of Twente offer the third cycle of higher education leading to a PhD. A PhD involves spending four years of in-depth studying and researching in a particular area. You can do this within one of our research groups.

Programme overview

Your tasks as a PhD researcher include research activities, attending training courses and teaching and supervising activities (in principle only for employees). Your research activities will provide you with skills and experience you need to become an independent researcher. Part of your research also involves disseminating the knowledge you acquire, for example, through publications in academic journals.

During the 4-year PhD programme you do at least 30 credits worth of PhD courses or hands-on activities. These cover academic skills and career development, in depth disciplinary and wide-ranging courses. An integral part of a PhD is writing your PhD thesis and then, of course, presenting and defend your research in public. After successfully completing your PhD, you will be awarded the title of Doctor (Dr., equivalent to PhD).



Are you interested in becoming a top notch researcher at the University of Twente? Then please first make sure you meet the admission requirements. If you're sure you fit the bill, then it's time to apply for a PhD position.

If your passion lies more in design than in research make sure to find out more about our EngD programmes.