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PhD / PDEng: emergency support and online courses

To: PhD and PDEng candidates,

We would like to inform you of the possibility for bursary or other non-employed candidates to receive support via the UT Emergency Fund to help those in pressing need due to corona-related issues (payments stalled, unable to travel at end of stay etc.). You can use me as first point of contact, and I will contact you and pass your name and m-number to SACC where the requests will be screened. You can mail tgs@utwente.nl or  p.m.vandijk@utwente.nl.  


PhD / PDEng UT courses 

As you might be aware of, some courses for which you have registered for have been cancelled and rescheduled to a later date while others are being run or will run online (UT coursefinder).  

All standard first year PhD courses are running online now

PhD/PDEng Introductory workshop + Academic Integrity

Academic Publishing

Academic Presentations

Datamanagement (to be announced)

Scientific Information


As well as the follow-up courses

Science writing

Career orientation & application

Analytic Storytelling

Taste of Teaching (to be announced for June)

Researcher Impact Challenge (formerly Entrepreneurial Researcher)

Professional Effectiveness (limited)

Project management for PhD’s (limited)

Interview skills (to be announced)

Future Learn Online Courses

In addition to UT generic courses, we also would like to provide PhD and PDEng candidates with a list of online generic Future Learn courses which you might want to follow and for which you can enroll via TELT. 

UT will pay the course fee to FutureLearn. In order for UT to pay the course fee to FutureLearn so that you qualify for the certificate, you first need to send an email to telt@utwente.nl with the title of the course you would like to take. Course list:


Career Orientation and Application:

Essential Skills for your Career Development

Career Management for Early Career Academic Researchers


Communication with customers:

Business Fundamentals: Customer Engagement

Business Fundamentals: Effective Communication

Communicating with Diverse Audiences


Creative and design thinking:

Get Creative with People to Solve Problems


Data Science:

Start Programming with Python

Introduction to R for Data Science


Decision making:

Decision Making: How to Choose the Right Problem to Solve

Decision-making and Risk: An Introduction

Evidence and Data Collection for Problem Solving


Influencing others (and yourself):

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work


Personal and Powerful advising:

Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work


Professional Effectiveness (note for PDEng students: these are no replacements for the UT course which is a compulsory part of your educational programme):

Business Fundamentals: Effective Communication

Presenting Your Work with Impact


Project Management:

Project Management: Beyond the Basics

Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

Foundations of Project Management

Best regards,

Paul van Dijk

Dr. P.M. van Dijk  |  Director |  Twente Graduate School | University of Twente.

E-mail: p.m.vandijk@utwente.nl